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February 2017
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raplaplacp [userpic]


raplaplacp [userpic]

Work has been getting pretty ugh. I really used to enjoy but lately it just pisses me off to no end. Why are so many people so...whats the word.......................entitlted? You break your electronics, get them wet, modifiy the sofware or hardware and expect US to fix it for free. If I take let's say 26 appointments I'd say 20 of them are like that. The other six are idiots who can't figure out how to reset their password. It's killin me and it's only going to get worse as more people buying product this holiday season. Thier first apple products on top of it. You people are sucking me dry. A releationship gone sour with a coworker has really made me dread every shift we share might have something to do with it as well but I won't get into that. I need to move past it as fast as possible. Progress is being made.

I've been hard at work, as much as I can work in just a couple of precious hours, on a few things. Mostly cleaning up or rewriting old fics, a long overdue oneshot for a dear friend.

I can't wait for it to snow.

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[태연/써니]애기야 우쭈쭈


"태연아,나 저거 하나만!!응?"Collapse )

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The music so far this year has been interesting in my opinion. I just feel like giving my opinion on the ones I enjoyed or was disappointed in the most. Nothing special mostly rambling or spazzing.

Tablo, WG, SNSD, Davichi, BEG, Infinite, Secret, AS, T-ara, UKISSCollapse )

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Long From Now

먼 후일 당신이 찾으시면 
그때에 내말이 ‘잊었노라’ 당신이 속으로 나무리면 
‘무척 그리다가 잊었노라’  

그래도 당신이 나무리면 
‘믿기지 않아서 잊었노라’

오늘도 어제도 아니잊고 
먼 후일 그때에 ‘잊었노라’

Long from now, if you should seek me,
I would tell you I have forgotten.
If you should blame me in your heart,
I would say "Missing you so, I have forgotten."
And if you should still reprove me,
"I couldn't believe you, so I have forgotten."
Unable to forget you today, or yesterday,
but long from now "I have forgotten"

--- 김소월 ---

raplaplacp [userpic]

건강들 하신지요?

행복들 하신지요?

사랑이 힘겹진 않으신지요?

부모와 형제가 미치게 버거워도 

여전히 껴안고들 있으신지요?

잠자리에선 꿈없이 주무시는지요?

비 오는 날엔 울음 없이들 비를 보시는지요?

맑은 날도 좋아들 하시는지요?

낙엽이나 고목들을 보면서도 

기대들을 버리지신 않으신지요?

여린 새순이 좋으신지요?

라일락이 아카시아와 같이 피고 지는 지금의 기후들이 안타까우신지요?

잎과 꽃이 만나지 않는다는 상사화를 혹여 보셨는지요?

정말 불행하지 않기를 원하는데,그러신지요?

지금 그리운 것들이 모두 그대들 옆에 있으신지요?

저는 괜찮은데,

정말 그대들도 괜찮으신지요?

raplaplacp [userpic]

What can a person do once unexpected event unfolds? Nothing, sulk, cry, die, whither away until time soothes their soul.


That’s just an initial process for sugar coating the reality; only the victim may get over it. Seek out for friends and coat the reality with soft words. Coat it, paint it, dye it, run, fly, fly up and up away from the eyes of the truth.
Numb from head to toe. Zoned out, scared to talk, too scared to react or cry for help. I sit, open up those folders that’s placed deep inside of my brain. Dig deep and wide for the precious files, then trigger those uncontrollable side affects from the heart. It gushes, it drips and finally it tightens tightly.

Search; search for knowledge. Google, Yahoo, Naver, Daum, Bing, Ask’em all. Problems solved simply with a few clicks and taps.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
- Normal cousin

So I pray, pray and hope it’s has not died out. Too scared to find out but it will hit hard soon or later. Thus, I turn back to the sugar coated world but only to find that it was too bitter, too bitter to be coated with sugar. Alas, the taste of reality.

“Just some picture perfect day to last a whole lifetime and it never ends cos all we have to do is hit rewind”
- Jay-Z

Play it. Pause it. But the rewind is forgotten but the repeat is remembered. So repeat it, repeat it once, twice, and thrice. Ah, such a lovely pattern, how many times will suffice? That will be the unknown number x while the answer hides within y and z holds the key to all.

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raplaplacp [userpic]

 Holy frick frackin cow it's hella late (for me) and I'm bouncing off the walls like a crazy woman. This better be real, it better or I'm going explode into a million pieces. I got an email from apple saying they want an interview and shiz and you wanna know something...one of my dream jobs is to be an apple genius. I love apple stuff, I'm like decked out in it, computers, phones, mp3 whatever. I know all the nerdy facts about them no one cares about. I will finally be using that stupid tech degree for real this time if I can nail this interview. Lord help me get and nail this interview! I can't even entertain the thought of sleeping right now, It feels like christmas eve and I'm like five again. I'm shaking I'm so excited.

There might be a triple update tonight/this morning hahahahahaha don't get your hopes up though.

I'm so happy right now. I'm gonna be studying my ass off tomorrow just to make sure I can recall any stupid little detail that could be asked. I'm not going to be caught off guard in an interview again!


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raplaplacp [userpic]

I think I'm beginning to learn something important about writing, more importantly my writing. I am learning I need to do it for myself and not for the people who comment on my stories. I look back at when I was really in the groove of writing and enjoyed it more than anything (when I was writing secret gangster and strong baby). I would sneak around at work when ever I could and jot lines down on a little piece of paper. Lately it's been hard for me to keep any kinda of flow, I stare at my screen or notebook more than anything. I feel like I'm getting worse at writing rather than improving. I need to start writing for myself again and stop worrying about the decline of commenters.

Blame this for my slowness lately if you want. I can plan a story to death but if I can't put those plans on paper in a decent way it won't matter. When I look at something I've written I'm rarely happy with it I think…mostly because I want it to be better. I'm discouraged when I read an amazingly written oneshot then look at my own work. I'm not consistent in the quality of my work. It makes me wish there were more commenters that will push for better quality from the writers they read and less things like 'update faster'. Someone who has the balls to point out your mistakes and really critique your work. I have a friend who does it for the ones she reads, makes me a little jealous since she doesn't read the couples I tend to lean towards. It makes me wish shippers were as flexible about who they will read/write as I am.

I don't have a beta or a person to discuss plots, or my stories. It's my fault for being to introverted and thinking I could never ask that awesome person to discuss anything with. In the future I'll have to learn to think more broadly when looking over my stories for editing and remember I have to do it for myself. It's not worth writing if you're only reason for writing is for comments.

I'm not going to quit but I'll still probably be slow for a while.

raplaplacp [userpic]

 I deleted all those apple lossless posts cause I decided to just go on and make a community for all that so I could makes posts prettier and all that jazz. I'm still posting things and uploading and organizing ya know but yeah please join and download and all that jazz. I'm only posting apple lossless rips.

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